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"We Bring the Beauty to YOU"


Feed your skin a healthy diet




It's time to fall in LOVE with your skin again


My Passion - YOUTHFUL Skin

Women engage my services to DEFY the inevitable aging process because most are LOSING the battle with gravity with increasing wrinkles, dark circles, bags and sags. 

So I help them age GRACEFULLY,  and enhance their NATURAL BEAUTY. 

Because I BELIEVE everyone should LOVE who they see in the mirror.

 I’m passionate about NATURAL, CLEAN  AND SAFE skin care, showing you how to improve your unique skin microbiome with cutting edge products that are actually good for your skin

These are LIFE-CHANGING products unlike anything on the market today. Our probiotic skincare  and clean color cosmetics will transform your skin, giving you radiance that lasts beyond your spa. 

Let me show you how to turn back the hands of time.

"Feeling confident in your own skin begins with noticeable results in your skin's condition." Give me 1 - 1 1/2 hours - I’ll relax you, satiate your skin, and show you how 

                  Skin Wellness begins with TruAura Beauty products!

Mobile Spa Convenience

I'm a Mobile Spa, bringing  TrūAura  Probiotic skin care & clean cosmetics

to the comfort of your own home, at your convenience.

Start with a 1 Hour Ladies Spa and Wellness Session for up to 6 - my guests are treated to a soothing, refreshing, and  rejuvenating Probiotic Facial  combined with relaxation, leaving them feeling and looking renewed!

In my Color and Style Class called GLAMFIX , you'll learn Tips & Tricks to feel BEAUTIFUL, including

          Color Analysis - your best clothing colors

          Fashion Personality - are you Dramatic, Classic, Feminine or Natural?

          Dressing for your Body Type - discover your shape & how best to enhance it

Daytime, Evening , and Saturday appointments available.

The More the Merrier -  Let's plan a Themed Facial Party with Friends!

"Wine Down Wednesdays"   "Beauty Break"    "Wine & Wrinkles"

TrūAura Probiotic Skin Care Facials

Or consider a Private Facial

and invite 1-2 friends to share the experience! 

You can also come to me.

Glamfix - Facial, color analysis & style, Clean Color makeover, Stepping out your best!

Beauty starts with scientifically advanced yet safe and healthy, microbiome-friendly products including skin-care, anti-aging products and clean color. Your style and color create the best possible YOU, and dressing for success starts with color analysis, face & body shape coordination, and the latest fashion trends. 

Spa Day at Work!

I offer Office Spas and School Spas to relax and pamper your employees.

Reward your staff and teachers!

Please contact me below for more details

Proof is in the Pictures

21 days of Core Skincare


Nourishing Cleanser, Refreshing Tonic Replenishing Day Lotion and Night Cream.

 TrūAura  Core Skincare Products

2 days Advanced Eye Treatment


 Restore hydration, Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, Diminish the appearance of dark under-eye circles 

Even Men


Reduced pore size, Smoother skin texture, Lightened age spots and freckles, Fine lines and wrinkles minimized using all 7  TrūAura  products for 1 month

25 days = Firmer skin, Diminished lines / wrinkles - forehead, eyes & brows, Plumped facial lines

25 days = Smoother, Firmer, Lifted skin, Diminished lines on forehead, brows & eyes, Plumped facial lines, 

Reduced eye puffiness using 

all 7  TrūAura  Skincare products

Age Fabulously


Give all 7  TrūAura  Skincare products  2 weeks and you could see results like these! 4 Core Skincare + 3 Advanced Anti-Ageing treatments - Day Lotion, Night Cream, & Eye Cream.


All 7  TrūAura  products for only 5 Days! Take 5 minutes AM & PM = Softer, Smoother, Firmer skin with NO greasy feeling and Instant absorption!

Let's Make It Happen

Get in Touch!

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The more YOUTHFUL You awaits!

mobile spa   -   We  Bring the BEAUTY To YOU!

cutting edge skin care and cosmetics 

comfort of your own home

at your convenience

 Trū Beauty starts HERE!

Themed Facial Party up to 6

or a personal  TrūAura  Skin Care

invite 1-2 friends 

Or you can come to me!

Also, let me know if you want details about the

Office Spas and School Spa

SerenSipity Spa by Deb

Serving South Houston to Galveston TX

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Daytime and Evening Parties Available Monday - Saturday

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Saturday 10 AM - 2 PM

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